1. How do I integrate with Emirates Post?

Emirates Post is your preferred partner for domestic and global shipping services. Integrate your services with Emirates Post for a seamless delivery, service availability, transit times, rates, shipment, and courier pickup booking with shipment tracking solutions. To set up the integration click on the link for the perfect integration for your growing services.

2. Should I be an Emirates Post customer to test integration APIs? New

Emirates Post supports non-customers’ accounts with API testing. However, to utilize the wide range of services provided by Emirates Post, please contact our support team [email protected] to register.

3. What is the cost of using Emirates Post API?

Its free! Emirates Post API is free for all of our customers subject to contractual terms in place with registered customers.

4. How can I get authentication credentials for Emirates Post API?

You have to be a registered user to get authentication credentials for the API. Please reach us out via [email protected] for support.

5. How can I move the integration from test to Go-live?

Upon dually signing the contract with Emirates Post and completing the testing phase successfully, you’re ready to take your integration to Go-live. Your support team at Emirates Post will provide a live API link with your company user name and password. You can start processing live transactions using the live API link.

6. How to track the shipment using AWB Number?

Track any Emirates Post shipment status by using our website Link. Alternatively you can use our API to track the shipments. You can also send an email with single or multiple AWB number to [email protected] to receive the latest status of each and every shipment.

7. How will Emirates Post send back the shipment status updates to my API?

Emirates Post Shipment Tracking API provides up-to-the-minute shipment status updates. Users of the API can retrieve tracking information through the integrated customer endpoint link or from our Website. You can also receive updates through SMS or WhatsApp for the registered mobile number.

8.How can Emirates Post API integration help me ship nationally and internationally?

Emirates Post is an innovative shipping partner for both national and international shipping solutions, so is our integration API. Emirates Post Shipping API is very flexible to create labels for domestic and international shipment processing. Users with Emirates Post integration can seamlessly provide logistic services to their target customer both locally and internationally.

9. How do I get the specific rate for the international or domestic parcel?

The Emirates Post Rate Calculating API covers all shipping products across all regions and countries. We extend our shipping support from domestic to international shipments by providing information back to the user into the world of shipping at Emirates Post